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The new Lil Pump junt "Lil Pump 2"

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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman

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    that was my nick in high school
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    i like this song

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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by General Butt.Naked that was my nick in high school

    fuck this was the most popular song when I was in skoo

    i feel old
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    ke$ha still goes hard at karaoke night
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Lil pump started suckijg after Gucci gang

    Lil pump- Lil pump is my shit but it's just str8 trash now. Last halfway decent pump was like flex like ooh and all that shit

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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    I was never that big into him

    I just liked drug addicts
    Butterfly doors

    idk what else lol those are literally the only songs of his in my history. That kanye junt was kinda neat at the time

    Lil Pump took to Instagram on Monday (Dec. 17) to share a preview of an unreleased track titled "Butterfly Doors." The tune itself and the video featured some clear anti-Asian gestures, sparking backlash from the Asian community.

    "They call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low," Pump raps as he pulls his eyes back. The second time the lyrics come about, the rapper ad-libs "ching chong," a known derogatory term referring to the Chinese language.

    I liked when everyone died from drugs and started quitting. he joined in on the hype with honestly one of the most powerful moments of the entire rap game quit drugs movement

    and then years later he's back to "booofing molly up a fat hoe ass" and seeems to be abusing a lot of stimulants as of late
    gang gang
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    trippymindfuk African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Doyle Sauce fuck this was the most popular song when I was in skoo

    i feel old

    I don't like pitbull at all but ashamed as I am to admit it I actually like this song. I guess it's the chorus that I dig. Ke$ha is kinda banging in this one, I kinda like her weird ass
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