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The Legend of the Elixir called Baek Bi Tang: God's Medical Materia

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    This post below is written in alchemical code. Read it first.

    actually, since we are on the topic, if you want to personally try some alchemisty... There is an elixir called Bai Fei Tang... or Baek Bi Tang in Korean. It is generally regarded as a mythological substance but I'll tell you how to to make it... and let me know how it feels afterwards. There are still martial taoist cults in china and korea that use this elixir to attain immortality today.


    Basically you are trying to make a water that is high water. Take the nature of water then make it exponentially more wet. Water is basically a one layer hydration liquid... if you could make it even more wet, that's like taking five that burns on fire instead of fire that burns on wood.

    Take water that has been flowing a long distance (water element). The water must flow TOWARD the east (water element). (basically you can use tap water if you know that the water plant is to your west... or do the traditional thing and get water at the eastern base of a mountain). Then you take this water and simmer for 24 hours in a metal, not aluminum pot... BECAUSE... metal creates water... see 5 element wu xing chart. Start the low boil during hour of the rat and once again, stop the boil at the hour of the rat. Then, pour in a glass and place to the left of your head (water element directionally) as you sleep. Then... wake in the hour of the tiger to drink the water while your eyes are still closed. IF you open your eyes... this triggers the liver meridian (see any acupuncture chart... liver connects to eyes.) You dont want the water to go to your eyes... you want the water to go to your 8 psychic channels aka 8 extraordinary vessels.

    Now... here's the relevance... this water is water of water of water of water of water... to make it

    water to about the 8th power of water, add tao salt at your second hour of rat. salt is water element. 9 times roasted salt is alchemical. So... alchemical solid water (salt) gets mixed into alchemical soft water (tap water)..

    ps... make sure you stay in the dreamy sleepy meditative mode as you drink the water with eyes still closed.

    let me know what happens. It helps to be on a vegitarian diet for atleast a few days before you do this to feel a stronger effect."

    Ok he is NOT talking about regular tap water. Boiling tap water does nothing Water is digusting. Drinking water is bad see water intoxiacaion....

    he is talking about a water plant. Reread it he even says water plant.

    I know daoian personally as I was taught by him.

    Sports drinks hydrate better than water because of the electrolytes. Plain water dehydrates only 10% absrobs but it robs your body of salt and minerals. Salt is liquid water.

    Yes, water can in fact dehydrate you. Water is held together in cells by salt,without it you can't have water in your cells

    You get your water from plants. Daoians are vegatarian. plants are 85%-95% water. And use liberal salt. Himalyan only. seasalt might wokr in a pinch but you don't know the quality or where the salt came from. So it might be toxic
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