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So I had this fantasy (a wariat quality post)

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Like ok so I blacked out when I was about fifteen, I was at my ex girlfriends mom house, she was 14 me about to turn 16. So I loved LOVED! creampieing her, always.

    So I make the mistake of thinking this little Mexican girl is in her mom's bed (where she had to sleep cuz Catholicism) and she's not home, but hey momma laying there right.

    Wanting it like she hears her daughter getting it.

    So I go crawl next to her in bed, she tells me her daughter isn't there, bet.

    So you know me 16 as soon as my gf goes to work I holler at her mom, daily, kinda like I fuck when I go to bed and fuck when I wake up, she wants to

    So I made sure I slept with her cousin, out of 6 female family members, I was baggin and tagging 3 of these chubby Mexicans

    Loved it, everyone got creamed, wanted me to do it again, etc

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Her name was and boy can that lady suck good dick(while bouncing her fatass on my nose, my favorite)
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Most Mexicans dicks are like maybe(?) 4 to 5,

    Then I pull out a sprite bottle lol I love being me
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    Bradley Black Hole
    And like even if I'm not the size of a sprite bottle I am the size of a tall boy, and if you catch anyone looking when you're grabbing large objects to compare your weiner to for an international audience, that lady is interested! She's watching you measure your dick with objects, she interested in getting big dicked
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