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who do you think our fattest user is

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    Bradley Black Hole
    folks it used to be paul wozny aka beighwarlock aka XL supreme nigga told me he had to use 2 scales and make them even out to get his weight

    with the stroke + eventual death of Muffins in 2016, paul wozny has joined an ever thinning list of large users

    however i have come to find out a good majority of you may be way fatter than I suspected, thus I would like to ask YOU who the greatest fatfuck on this website is and enter them into our contest of greater weight comparison.

    I would like to know how large §m£ÂgØL, star trek, aldra, and a few other members actually are, I think a lot of you might secretly be secret fatties
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    I'm 240 but 6'4" and it's all muscle.
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    Donald Trump Black Hole
    My fat is all muscle too.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    how heavy are you donald trump?
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    im pretty heavy but im also pretty tall. As of this morning im 326 lb.

    I miss muffins
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    Miss Muffins is a great name for a DOM.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Miss Muffins is a great name for a DOM.

    it was a fat southern guy
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Originally posted by General Butt.Naked im pretty heavy but im also pretty tall. As of this morning im 326 lb.

    I miss muffins

    ya casper i think you might be the fattest user we have
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    Bradley Black Hole
    can ur fans get a recent pic of you?
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    body fat percentage wise though wariat might take the cake
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    Bradley Black Hole
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    If i post more pics hes just going to use them to catfish more children

    imma pray on it 🙏🏻
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I Really hope you win this casper, it would be a win for old school totseans & TinyBLTC crew as a whole if you were the fattest user
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    mmQ Lisa Turtle
    I would say who it is but SHE would hunt me down and verbally rebuke me in front of my friends and family.
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    POLECAT POLECAT is a motherfucking ferret [my presentably immunised ammonification]
    def larry, Paige was a chubby chaser
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    Bradley Black Hole
    who is larry, paige?
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    me dawg im a fat asss big old rolls
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I'm like 85kg

    could probably hide inside Casper like that Indian midget from the x files
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    Bradley Black Hole
    i am 88 kg
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    Meikai Heck This Schlong
    it's def me. i mean im 100% "big boned" too (knees don't get fat and as speedy says: i got fat knees. that's all bone, baby!), but im also a fatass.

    my thyroid is fucked up so even after a year of tek abuse im like 220lbs

    i carry it pretty well though, all things considered (probably on account of being big boned, i am a husky mofo).

    this ho is my spirit animal
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