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suggestion; allow write in poll options

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    Bradley Black Hole
    would be really helpful for polling ideas or people voting contests
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
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    Submit a pull my leg
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    Originally posted by Doyle Sauce ?


    Try to make sense boy
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    Bradley Black Hole
    like where when you do the poll if you want you can write in a new option and it will appear in the options for future voters
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    Ok so:

    Please allow polls to be amended with more choices.

    I agree with that for the OP...but I don't see that going very well if anyone could amend it, everyone would be trolling and the list of options would be longer than my penis, so at least 4 choices.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    ya but it's necessary, NOT FOR ALL POLLS, but like for who do you like the most for example,
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    They actually have this in California
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    Instigator African Astronaut
    What are you the pollice or something?
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    Alice Yung Blood
    oh, write-in

    I get it
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