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Hyperborea is being exposed from underneath the melting northern ice

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    Donald Trump Dark Matter

    Lost Thulean wisdom will change everything.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I came from Agartha

    they won't let me back in
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    Global warming isn't real guys
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    Meikai Heck This Schlong
    until we find the landing site and recover our ftl capabilities i dont care. im pretty sure it's in norway or sweden maybe. i don't want to see ruins i want to see readouts from our main drive core saying we can leave this shitty rock once for all. when we banished black people to this planet 2 million years ago we were not planning on joining them. when the goddamn reptilian-jedi alliance caught wind of it they destroyed us for it (they are posadist space commies who considered our poor treatment of nogs a crime against the universe). we lost the war because their subversive techniques were so advanced, and the last of our survivors fled here because it was the only world the jedis did not know about. just a shame there were jedi spies on board. ugh.

    thats your thulean wisdom

    a couple early settlements from when we disembarked are nothing more than a sad genetic memory. give me the drive core.
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    Originally posted by Donald Trump

    Lost Thulean wisdom will change everything.

    "those who became lost, never became wise."
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