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been playing STALKER Anomaly

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    Played the OG games long ago, minus clear sky, was told to skip.
    Anomaly is its own standalone gayme so its its own free gayme.

    Got a handfull of mods, mainly audio and graphic changes.
    A few overhaul with some traders, ballistics, loot, b/c fuck that shit.
    Also, im spawning repair kits, b/c if i got the part, i got the part, so fuck that shit.
    In all, making the game way less grindy.

    So this is maybe the 4th time playing Anomally.
    Had the grind away like a sweaty just for a some resemblance of function gear before.
    Kinda getting to know the game, alot more now.

    Playing as a Monolith, think iv always played as Sin before?
    Noticed one of the achievements mentioned unlocking Sin or something?

    Dono, got a few factions suits, working on collecting some parts to repair them.
    Gonna use them as disguises for the more assassination missions.
    As a Monolyth there is not much of a story line, they do send you into the labs as some point SP00PY SHIT.

    Think saw yall mention this game before.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    oh sick i heard of that
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