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I believe that there is a difference in the racial ability to handle cold and hot weather

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    Bradley Black Hole
    I found it extremely difficult in order to experience first when I went there in summer the extreme heat that I experienced for several months I found myself constantly needing water and I found myself constantly feeling like I was dirty I proceeded to try to correct this by drinking more water washing more frequently but I noticed that significantly Hispanics and Cuban Americans do not have the same problems that I had in order to handle the heat differential.

    Furthermore I have moved back to Wisconsin where it is currently 18° and I originally would have described this as horrible last night however today I'm able to walk around outside I'm only wearing two sweatshirts no cold and I'm completely fine single pair of pants just my tennis shoes I'm doing fine dude and I don't think like I don't think people that aren't from cold places can really I don't know really I'm fine.

    For the more I do not think that there is no difference between the races. I am an anti-racist I am an anti-racist and I believe that there are differences and similarities that make us humans but also make us different cultures and one of them is the ability to handle cold weather or hot.

    I am an anti semite.

    Please discuss
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Why else do you think people from hot places have dark skin lmao
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    hispanics and cubans cope by tuning down their brains.

    our brain is the most active organ in our body and it consumes the most oxygen and releases the most heat. people who dont sweat like shit in hot weather can be domonstratenly proven to have lower iq.

    hispanics and cubans do have lower iq.
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