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Dry in January

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    Reesearchers have discovered this great method to reset you're drinking.

    For the rest of January don't drink any alcohol , even Trulys and whyte claws are included.

    And when you go back to the bottle, every drink you count it and "DRINK ONE: HIS IS INCREASING MY RISK OF CAMCER" every drink you have

    Whose with me Im starting.late cause I only found out about it a.couple days ago but I wanted to finish my case of beer but now I'm on the wagggon

    Deprive yourself it makes you into a better person. Next month is no sexualbpleasure-February which shouldn't be a problem but I'm not sweating it
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    frala Avant garde shartist
    No can do little whoadie
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    Oh, Pashore!
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    frala Avant garde shartist
    It’s red wine season come on
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    🤔 IF NO KNE ELSE o one else is gonna be my fellow wet January then I'm calling this off
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    Donald Trump Dark Matter
    Every month is a wet month around here.
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    jerryb Tuskegee Airman
    Winters here are usually kinda cold and rainy, most days are overcast so it feels colder. TN gets more rain than Seattle in amounts but they have more rainy days. Shit grows fast here and a constant battle keeping the grass cut and keeping trees and bushes from taking over.
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    frala Avant garde shartist
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    Donald Trump Dark Matter
    Originally posted by frala

    Are you sitting in the lotus position?
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    mmQ Lisa Turtle
    Can we start tomorrow?
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    Originally posted by mmQ Can we start tomorrow?

    In the lotus position? With Jerry??
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    jerryb Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by I Live In Your Crawlspace Secretly4 In the lotus position? With Jerry??

    I'm not like that and mmq seems an OK guy.
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    ive been dry simce september and i plan to get this january wet.

    soaking wet.
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    Originally posted by Donald Trump Are you sitting in the lotus position?

    why else would her ankles be under her pussy,
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