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Vents smeeled like a brush fire

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    I used them anyway till the motor got erratic

    Folks my HVAC box after the blower is full of leaves and the blower resistor had em wadded up within otself too. Probably lucky that pile of CHIT didn't catch on fyre count my blessies
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Did you try hitting it with the leaf blower?
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    Originally posted by Bradley Did you try hitting it with the leaf blower?

    Nah that's a good idea but I don't have one. I'm gonna find a STICk to scrape with
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    Bradley Black Hole
    do you have access to a coat hanger?
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    Originally posted by Bradley do you have access to a coat hanger?

    I can get one at the laundry matt
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    I got a new blower motor over at the San Leandro AutoZone and it's made in Canada, like the O.G. AC Delco. This lady came up to me in the parking lot and started working it tooting it scooting it and asked if I had a cigarette. Literary I didn't have one and I didn't want VD so that was that but literary it made me into a better person getting an ass shooken I was just taken aback

    I just scraped the leaves out with the blower running, I reached in thru the resistor mount and reached in with chop stick

    It looked like a confeti gun but instead of confeti it was leaves shooting out but for all intensive purposes these ARE the good old days, fundamentally speaking
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