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Alternative Christmas Music.

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    Bradley Black Hole

    middle of the winter pull up in a vurt
    middle of december she pullin up her skirt
    neighborhood santa I pull up wit the work


    can't be my favorite rapper without 1 christmas song

    Hot box full of smoke, dashin through the snow
    shawty smell my christmas sweater she already know
    she gone give me head underneath that missletoe
    amd that molly in my sock we call that stockings full of coal

    pockets full of gold
    try to take it no you won't
    lay his ass down
    like an angel in the snow

    heater in my coat so i'm never cold
    like an eskimo i stay by the pole
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    Bradley Black Hole
    oh ya this album haha gucci wild

    then this one 3 years later

    might as well, 2 years after dat.

    These are albums LOL
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    cryptographiccontrarian African Astronaut
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