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When I learned I was gonna have a big dick later in life.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    folks many of you may have heard of the sauna, originally started in finland (my grandfather was 100% finnish) or scandenavia i guess, u basically heat up stones in a wooden cabin, and then pour water on the stones, kinda like a steam room but less gay.

    So anyway, I was about 4 or 5 years old, no father ever, so i had never seen a naked man before (my mom kept me away from naked men as a child) so anyway, it's like 5 or 6pm and I'm way the fuck up north at my grandpa's house where he has a sauna and my gramma says go take a sauna with grampa, so I go into the sauna and I open the door and this man is butt ass naked!!!!

    Right! and I didn't expect him to be naked (it's common) cuz i was in my swimming suit, but up there people shower in the sauana cuz ther's a drain ont he floor and a huge 50 gallon drum of water and pots to scoop out water and pour it on yourself.

    Anyway, so i'm stunned and he said "you're lettin all the steam out boy!" and he stood up to close the door and this motherfucker was straight up HUNG like i'm talkin about god damn that motherfucker could've been a HORSE

    And as I stood in the changing hallway to the sauna, i thought in my lil 4 or 5 year old mind, damn i can't wait to have a HUGE dick like my grandpa! then about like idk ten years later as I'm piping down this tiny mexican girl with my giant pink pipe I was just so excited that everything happened like I deserved it to.
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    Bradley Black Hole
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    Originally posted by Bradley I was just so excited that everything happened like I deserved it to.

    Except it was never meant to be used in men's bottoms.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I dont do dat (anymore)
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