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interesting thing to ponder guys

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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist
    really interesting. I dont get these stupid laws and whatabbouts and morality shit. if a certain age is the aoc it should be for free and for money i mean that would just make sense right? since love turly barely ever edists and chicks usually fuck for money or material goods or someoen to support them regardless of age right?
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    Bradley Dark Matter
    When someone believes they're right they don't feel the need to find others to verify their own morality by saying "right?" over and over again
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    Should say slowly milli g yourself with drugs. But I think he had something else on his mind

    Originally posted by Ghost yeah but somehow killing yourself which hurts 0 children

    smoking weed and meth which involves and harms 0 children
    having sex with an 18+ tranny another activity that doesn't involve or even produce children
    is worse than having sex with them becuase THEY WANT TO

    they also want a chocolate bar for dinner and a sports car and to be a dinosaur when they grow up. DO you just indulge every childs whim until the day comes when they have stomach ulcers, no car, no skills, no job and are pregnant living with a 40 year old polish coomer retard because they got tricked and trafficked when they were 17 and young and dumb

    "But but but fuys if they edont have gronw up man cock they will turn to the DOGS you don't get it girls get horny at 8 yers old and because they are under developed and children brains they are very easy to manipulate and take advantage of and this is just a natural phenomenon and if a mans eyes are attracted to a woman that is horny that is simply the will of the universe, I'm a fucking saint fuys im literally ghandi just being a natural human in the universe and you are trying to inverse law your satanic society rituals on my existence!!!!"
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