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Poll: What do you think about trains?

I had a surreal experience at the train station.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Last week I used a train for the first time in my life, it goes around the city of miami with a centralized train station. I went on the train station and with all the people moving around, and the large ceilings, and the 4 stories each with different terminals going different places, and little stores all over, you know what it reminded me EXACTLY like of (I was kinda stoned)

    Pokemon, not the modern shit, but like for the gameboy when you would get to the first major city and you run off team rocket or some shit and can enter the train station, and it's so cool. cuz there's like little boards witha ll these locations and times and 1 bored security guard that monitors the ticket machine & where you have to scan to get in.

    And you can go anywhere (it feels like) in the world and because I don't speak spanish, talking to 90% of the other characters it's like talking to an NPC cuz they just say 1 of 4 phrases and don't interact with my player.

    But like 1 in 10 of them, look like a similar player to myself and I go and talk to them and if they respond positively in english, I start a conversation and try to fuck em.

    So it's cool, riding on the train, getting stoned, it's electric and in the air on a rail i guess kinda thing, well yea it's a rail train, and i take it to college.
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