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Origins of the elements on earth

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    Donald Trump Dark Matter

    This is really interesting as it deals with a big question: what is earth made from? In the big bang a lot of Hydrogen was made, but as far as we know not a lot of heavier elements. Also the really heavy elements, like uranium, take a lot of energy to form (it's this energy that is released in nuclear fission).

    It's possible that there was at least one star before the sun that exploded, and other sources of material may have mixed into this as well. However nucleosynthesis as a field of study hasn't made much progress in answering this question.

    But we're lucky, as earth has all the elements we need to live. Imagine if we lived on a planet that only had the some of the elements we need. Well, probably we wouldn't live, so couldn't imagine.
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    Bradley Dark Matter
    big bang fusion of what into hydrogen let's start there?
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    Bradley Dark Matter
    dont get me wrong i have a very limited understanding of chemistry, so the initial question is, what is fused that was in existance before the singularity event/big bang that caused Helium and Hydrogen to exist. Serious question as I would like to engage in this subject but i've never heard of anyone attempting to explain what exists before that which is the elemental building block.
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    Donald Trump Dark Matter
    The big bang is regarded as the starting point. Before that we regard nothing as existing, so nothing existed to be fused.

    In the big bang a lot of fundamental particles suddenly appeared, all on top of each other (although I don't know how that would work), and then somehow started to spread out, even though it'd be logical to assume that much mass in one place would collapse into a black hole.
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    Bradley Dark Matter
    do u believe that atheist ass shit
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    Bradley Dark Matter
    that there was just a superdense point of matter and it exploded outward and by doing such not only established much of the periodic table but laid the foundation for the formation of the entire galaxies that make up the ever expanding universe

    and then life just appeared in a goldilocks zone planet and now we're putting all the pieces together retrofitted to come up with an explanation that kinda answers the questions albeit in a manner that doesn't explain much and is based primarily on conjecture and mental gymnastics to understand

    u think so
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    Bradley Dark Matter
    orrrrrrrr maybe the earth is flat, the firmament is real, the sky is an ocean, that's why it's blue, no ones in space, it's all nonsense, everyone knows it, the earth doesn't curve, google flatearth society if you don't believe me, read your bible! It's all in there!

    imagine earth like a pizza pie, but you can't get over antartica aka the ice wall (just like in game of thrones) and u can't get past it because that's how the Gods made it to protect us from Ymir's kin in Jotenheim so that you too may either end up reincarnated or travel over it through bifrost (the rainbow bridge)

    You know an Athiest professor and a religious doctorate were sitting talking and they came up on the subject of religion and the religious man said to the professor he had formerly respected "How can you be so smart and not understand God is real?" and the professor told him "How can you be so smart and believe in something that doesn't exist?"

    What I know is bullshit: Monotheism in anyform, anything to do with jedi people in anyform, not believing in anything/atheism, anything involving 1 guy being "the One"
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