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Taking a walk to Poland, you guys want anything?

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Said the Russian missiles lol lil yachty did it

    you will see it on tucker later

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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I'm back
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I got dominoes cheese bread will post a review of the new stuffed breadd from domnoes
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I'm gonna eat some sardines out of a can in hopes in makes me smarter
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    Ghost Black Hole
    You might have better luck with a chemistry textbook
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    Turns out it was a Ukrainian missile..they are still blaming Russia though...because.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    It was lil yachty fuys~!
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I don't understand the lil Yachty component
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    Ghost Black Hole
    >this happens
    >lil yachty goes to poland and films a rap video
    >starts doing shows there and the song blows up (which is how I found it a week ago)

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    Ghost Black Hole

    What if Lil Yachty’s ‘Poland’ contains the meaning of life?
    The rapper’s strange new hit feels like viral funtime, but it might be bigger than that

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    JohnPateson Yung Blood
    Thank You For Sharing This Kind Of Great Information, I Will definitely Back
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    Ghost Black Hole
    LOL thanks for the bump xD
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    Ghost Black Hole
    its a sign fuys!
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Id like som wokenhardt lean plz.

    [Thats was yachti is saying, wok = wokenhardt lean, not walk u homosexual meth head]
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Yourr the one obsessed about gay sex and literally mention it daily in complete random threads

    Closet much

    Threads about Poland btw let's keep it tropical folkarionos🍹 like the nude beaches of Poland
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    A 15yr old...bottle of Vodka
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    Bradley Black Hole
    poland and mexico are playing futbol right now, i know this because I can hear cheering whenever Mexico does something an d all the cubans start cheering, no one wanted to gamble with me so i'm not watching, i wanted to put 10$ on poland because they're white.
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