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One of my friends he makes music.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Please don't associate me with him in any capacity. anyway, he plays the banjo like really good like really really good. He spent 8 years making music (he's 27) and he wrote a song about my boy in Franklin or w/e something south of wisconsin. He also supports ruby ridge, dates black girls exclusively ( :) :) :) same), and man this nigger can play a banjo. y would u make a song supporting kyle rittenhouse and the criminals that he killed in kenosha wisconsin.

    so maybe he gets 10 more fans if 2/3 of this forum supports it. Also Tera I included a black girl song just for u.

    his best song imo, :
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    UNSUB Tuskegee Airman [my unrivalled skillful mastoid]
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    Bradley Black Hole
    these are also my 4 favorite songs by him
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    cigreting Dark Matter
    did u suk his dik or take it in ur as
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    slide22 African Astronaut
    "something south of wisconsin"

    You mean, Chicago? or even Antioch, Il.
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    Originally posted by cigreting did u suk his dik or take it in ur as

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    Rape Monster Naturally Camouflaged
    Fuck that, I still have Viper's cell phone number, I texted him and he started trying to get me to buy Bandcamp merch from him almost immediately
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    Bradley Black Hole
    vipers been dead for over 10 years
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