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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Haxxor

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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Boots candy and kafka
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    haven't played that in a long time
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    *opens door for womenz*
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by CandyRein Remember that thread you made about talking to women on dating sites…

    You should totally do that again …. because ain't nothing happening captain

    I thought I was gonna burn some ganja with you and kafka and we was going to jam out in the projects. Fuckin, we got this Tv here to watch the game. Fuckin, we can sit here.. Smoke weed, fuckin, walk down to the bodega... Fuckin, we can play doctor, Fuckin... All type of shit, Man. You girls are gorgeous. I also got a deck of cards... Fuckin, shit is fun. But do not cheat, and fuckin, we'll drink... Fuckin, what else. We can just practice being apex humans. Fuckin, I don't care. I just want to stimulate my mind. All die shit. I got the gear, fuckin... Maybe we get enough money, we'll buy some cable, hook it up.. Fuckin we ea work on your hair, fuckin, ie give ea a massage, fuckin kafka will be in the bedroom having some alone time. G-d dnnn, sneak midnight gas sessions in the car.. all ie shit, '. Weea get to the gym.. Weea work out, fuckin... We can pilfer the goodwill... Fuckin. This city shit is crazy... Fuckin, I don't care. Only as long as you promise to love Kafka as much as I love you... Fuckin, I don't care. Weei go get some sushi in my drop top chicken box... Fuckin.. Trying to think. It'd be real cool to play ball at the park, but we gotta be cool. None of that shit goin long, we gotta take care of each other. Fuckin we could just take it at a leisurly pace, play it cool. No fires, no buzzed driving (no drunk driving either ffs), no hurting people. If we see fona, we'll smoke a bowl with him... Fuckin Picktown is pretty legit. Just keep yourself appropriate in front of children, and be safe around heavy equipment. Don't litter. Be nice, and eat all your food. Don't make yourself sick, take your medicine, and don't steal. We don't, won't, shouldn't have to anymore. We'll keep bud in the picture, or atleast we'll stay smoking..

    Fuckin, I don't know. We can dance and shit, practice our beliefs, and fuckin do some vc with some people... I don't care, we'll be ok, we got eyes, we can see to take care of each other. We can fuckin, hit the mall, get some scruff, fuckin, get to the movies... Go look at books, all this shit lil shotty. Fuckin, we can do some recorded hunting down home. Fuckin, I don't care, we'll have fun.

    All that shit I said I wanted to do in those pm I sent you in 2019, we'll do. Fuckin, I don't know. Maybe we can go do some doordashing... Fuckin, auuu what else... I don't know. We can go downtown and read Mein Kampf, lol... Uh, we can go to the statehouse, and advocate, all this shit. The world is not small. Fuckin the art Museum, car show. I won't take you guys to Arnold, since sexapalooza is in town. That's a really serious event, and guys don't like people fuckin trying to meander, no.. You gotta have pump when you see Arnold, and I don't know you two fuckin "bang" like that.. The library in town is really nice, we can get feature presentation films from out library. Uh, what else... We could get a hookah.. Fuckin, drink some robotussin, (meh). I don't know candy... My friend gets out of the house here soon. He got two girls. Fuckin, he and I were the twin tower receivers in high school... Except we never got to play much, it was always pretty much a ground and pound game every friday. Fuckin, get you a little cash or sumn. Fuckin... We can go chill with auntie, she's always nice and appreciates company. But we'll have to do it right, cause she's like on the fringe, because... Fuckin. She's just that way, Di',i' , ou know candy.. She can get pretty livid. We can go to the pool in the summer. We might want to wait til it warms up though... Golf? Golf, golf... I don't know. I bet Mike Crites take us to play if we ask him to. It'd be real cool. He's pretty composed man. Thanksgiving? It'll probably be just us, because fuckin, I can't treat anybody nice in my family, and fuckin, I'm trying superlatively hard to function like a grown man. Staying engaged, getting bills paid... Fuckin...

    I can stream my phone to the tv, so we can fuck with some proprieatary software... Uh, fuckin. There's another mattress if you-we-me-us are tired and want a break....

    Fuckin.. The park is cool, but we'll only go there if I'm not feeling like shit. Mom's house? I don't know. Maybe christmas, or if she starts smoking weed. We can get some boards I guess, but I don't know, with all this traffic out here. You can hit up church across the street. Fuckin, I'll work on the car... Fuckin, it's all up for grabs. We can drink some liquor.. Fuckin... I don't care, whatever... Maybe one day we'll take a field trip on the bus, fricken... Go play ball at the gym. Ball's in your court... Don't get me started with the pool hall.

    Fuckin, catch me in that hardware store, and let me show you what I do.

    Fuckin, we can go to the craft store and get some stuff to make clothes.

    Fuckin, I'll fuck shit up with a bread board, fuckin hit up Microcenter,


    Uh, I don't know, we can take some classes at the college, all type of shit..

    ice skating? I don't know.

    I don't really slang dope, but if I got some niggas who trying to pass it on, fuckin, I'll sell that. But I ain't fin be movin pounds. We can hit up waterbeds. Fuckin, all die, shit. Fuckin.. maybe one day we'll take a trip out of town, hit up the newark Y. Keith will come chill with us, but I don't know how committed he is to shuckin, but fuckin... He always smokes. If he comes, you can fuck with him, because he just fucks like that.

    L-town? The only time we go there is to watch some ball. Fuckin, I'll get in trouble eventually if I start cruising L-town, because it's just it's own place. We can go to Alley park though. fuckin, uh... What else... Fuckin, we can go up north, but we gotta fuckin be cool to my bro, because he just seems to always be in trouble, unfortunaetely. Uh, shit, what was I about to say... I'm about to be thirty. Fuckin, if we ever make it to the college, we can stop by, screw around, say hi and what not shit. just go to have small talk. Church? Fuckin, I love church, but I don't mess around. When it's time to pray, I crucify my sin.. Shit, what else... North Market's cool... The club? do not fuck around, because those niggas in the back fuckin break faces. We go, fuckin... Mingle, shit, it's pretty chill, but you have to act like you're supposed to go/be there. My dog, Scott, I don't know he goes anymore, he has kids. Raves, and shit? I never been to those, but... Fuckin, I'll take ya'll to countryfest ya want to go. Fuckin. uh, lol. Uh, my cousin, you got to be good to her, fuckin... I weirded her out, because I was just in general stupor, of... How long I been single, lol... And fn, lol I just lost my limit, lol. Lol, if you want, I know where we can do some really cool sled riding... Let's see, what else. You can smoke in the bathroom on the shitter... Fuckin, au, what else... One day I'll get some zodiac books or some shit and we can go to barnes and noble and fuckin... We can look at some fuckin girl books. Fuckin. We'll have to fuckin get some regular books, or get to the library and fuckin get some reading material for quiet time. And yea, we can read the Encyclopedia.

    Fuckin, weea, have to do some shit, fuckin... I don't know, maybe we'll get some jello shots in and huddle up, or maybe, we'll just sit in the bedroom passing the duche. Fuckin... I don't know, I don't know what to tell you tara. We can go to amish country... We can go to, fuckin... I don't know. Fuckin, I don't know, but I do want to be occupied. Fuckin, we'll have to get on meet up and do some shit. I'd roller skate, but I'm not about to get caught up in that again... Fuckin, uh... hmm, what else. Uhhh, oh, au... Fuckin, there's this really cool store by the auto center that has like.. All this, fuckin shit... It's like stuff that you have to have for things you want to do for things you don't have to. And shit like you never saw before you know has a purpose, that you don't know what it is, but know exactly what it does. So, uhh, yea. The movies by me are up, fucking they're always professionally presented.

    The bed bath and beyond, did get fuckin ganked... So... Fuckin...

    The fleet store is pretty cool, but we have to respect establishment. They work really hard. Fuckin, uh... I don't know, what else. liquor store... Town closes at ten. Fuckin... Don't buy coke, don't smoke meth in the house. When probation comes, be cool, be honest and just say tell, say were just trying to be independent. Fricken, uhh. I don't know if pool table's are back open yet, but fuckin that shit's always fun. uh, f--n... Uh let's see... Bowling alley, fuckin... That shit, I never been to. Uhh, you can go to Mass down the road, if that's your thing. Uh, fuckin, what else. Maybe in time, we'll make it to the lake to fish, lol... Uh, what else.. OH, we can hit up the beach, that place is pretty chill, funnn, it's where all the poor people go to evolve, lol. Uh, what else. The Zoo! the zoo is nice. Fuckin... Fuckin... I don't know. Fuckin, we can sit here and chill, light up some candles. I got some smart bulbs, so... Fuckin.. I don't know. My room isn't really made for group pleasure on the computer, so if I'm in here, on facebook, just chill, and fuckin... I'm probably just talking to CJ.

    Sunday Morning, Kafka is going to have to make pancakes for us.

    Do the dishes, Keep your clothes agreeable. Fuckin. Don't get me kicked out. Fuckin, uh, what else... The couch, is nice. Please don't tear it up. I worked really hard to get that fucker in here, and gave up a lot of time and energy. Fuckin... Summertime? We smokin. Don't smoke at the pool. Maybe if we can keep our shit together, we can some... Fuckin, uh margharitas and shit.

    I'm six feet tall, nobody messes with me... Fuckin, this is our lives... Fuckin.. I know some famous people, man. Don't ruin it. And the only person we give the house word to... Is Cj, because he fuckin, is a thorough ass nigga.

    Fuckin, if it's time to get to the food pantry, get your rear in the car, and get some darn groceries and carry them in.

    I don't like to waste food, even if I have to. So eat all your food. Uhh, we'll have fun. Umm, fuckin... We'll make it to topgolf.. Uhh... I don't know. Fuckin..

    In or out, don't stand in the doorway,


    Fuckin, just let me make my donations, please. I have to be stimulated-occupied.

    Freakin be nice to Bill, Just be up front with him.. Don't tell him were smoking weed and getting drunk, him ie ia say, say we're... Fuckin, don't say anything, just let him be a man, let me be the boy, ok. Fricken... Court. Don't mess with nobody, fuckin, obey the guards, don't sauce up, Cause, this is fairfield county, and I don't know whoa but this place, even being a northern County, these boys are hard. Show respect, and don't try and play it like I'm fin shit on these people, please don't. These people mean a lot to me. I may want to do some work here in the room after a while, so please... We'll get to the gym, and you can sit in the sauna. Fn, uh, man... Fn, if we ever run into bubba, Freakin, be nice to him. He's living his best life, and there's nothing wrong with that. He really has a lot of demons, and if it's time to give him a ride to the drive through, relax, we'll head to town, and we'll chill, and he usually gives us smoke. Marcos? I don't know where he is, he very well may still be in the joint. Homie been in the fuckin prison. Fuckin... High School reunion, meh, that's for people with kids. Uhh, facebook? Fuckin, if and when you get on, don't get on there posting us here at the house like fried drunk... Fuckin... I don't know. You want to get on the sub program? be my guest, but fuckin


    but fuckin, we're family. Uhh, shhheeeei

    Fuckin, just fuckin... Maybe we'll go see my cousin, down on the farm. Maybe we'll go do some work, chill with her, in her schitzo house, lol, lol, uh, uh, ha ha ha, lol, hahaha. Maybe we take care, she'll let us hunt, or put up a tent, something like that. Uh, be nice to grandma. Fricken, I don't know how that's gonna work. She might not be too keen on a couple swingers snooking her place up. I don't know. It's really peaceful down there, Maybe she'll get a couch we can sit on. Fuckin, shei... Fuckin.. I don't really play video games, but maybe we'll get to play runescape. Uhh, fuckin... I don't know. Uh, shooooo, what else. Don't let strangers in the house... Fuckin, don't let people steal from the house... Uh, shower everyday. Keep your teeth nice. No crazy hair cuts, and, fucking re-inforce positively.. Don't blow up, ok.. Fuckin, there's three of us and we all know how to communicate. Fuckin, *heh* ok. And please try to process this, this is real, this is real life, and I've been through this before. So, these aren't complex rules. We're going to have fun and we're going to keep the heat on... *Yawn*

    this is not a fetish/flop house. This is three niggas trying to keep their prostates and hearts healthy

    Don't forget to vote
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    Ghost Black Hole
    he fucks all da bitches my nigga doookov

    rivet city has better hooch less watered down hahhwerrdtfyhujnmk
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    *closes door*
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Bro u need help

    Ur threads r so holden caulfield its insane

    Plz go read catcher in the rye
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by RIPtotse Bro u need help

    Ur threads r so holden caulfield its insane

    Plz go read catcher in the rye

    You need... To calm the fuck down.
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    You need to up ur literature game and understand that ur going insane via holden caulfield's spirit inside u or sumfin
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    You need, to, shut. The. Fuck. Up.
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by RIPtotse You need to up ur literature game and understand that ur going insane via holden caulfield's spirit inside u or sumfin

    You need to shut your fuckin ass up right now bub.
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    slide22 African Astronaut
    Don't make me post photos of your naked girlfriend during chat timez
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by RIPtotse Bro u need help

    Ur threads r so holden caulfield its insane

    Plz go read catcher in the rye

    Why you do this, fool? You see I'm havin fun and you debase my joy for peon shit.
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    To what end, turd?
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    That some ho shit
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Fool, you ain't talking to yourself
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