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Important narrative update

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    Donald Trump Dark Matter
    The disgusting unwashed goyim are trying to destroy the progress we have made.

    Before the progress we have made is destroyed by fascists please remember what we have agreed upon:
    - Men can get pregnant
    - Biden got the most votes in history
    - Drag queens are child rolemodels
    - Vaccines have no negative side effects.
    - The border is secure
    - Nancy Pelosi has never done insider trading
    - Fauci never funded gain of function research
    - Iraq had WMDs
    - Jet fuel can melt steel beams
    - We are not in a recession
    - Amber heard is a hero
    - Jussie smollet was attacked
    - Epstien killed himself
    - Seed oils are healthy
    - BLM protests were peaceful
    - Climate change is real
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