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Ignition control module: silicone grease/dielectric grease or thermal compound?

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    Mounted to distributor under the cap. Seems like the parts companies and even oem service manuals say to use dielectric grease but all da keyboard worriers say you HAVE to use thermal compound like for a CPU , literally the part stores don't sell thermal compound you have to go to best buy for a car repair project, seems sus

    Anyway the big bad Boogeyman theories are that manufacturers use/used thermal compound on the assembly line cause it's better but say dielectric grease is okay for replacement cause it's good enough to last for warranty.

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    if its moving, use something with grease. if its not moving, use something that says anything other than grease.
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    i found my syrnge of cpu compound and replaced the dielectric grease. i think theres some better type of goop that doesnt dry up they use on bigger transistors, cause cpu compound goes to crap after a few years and dries out or sumfin. who knows man the distributor gets hot as frick anyway its hard to imagine it sinking much heat out of the ICM

    when i took the module off the first time there was some white shmoo that was still not dried up really
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    AngryOnion Big Wig [the nightly self-effacing broadsheet]
    CPU compound should be fine.
    The older fords would use dielecrtic I had a like a toothpaste tube of that shit in my toolbox.
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    White Lithium grease Nigella.
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    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson White Lithium grease Nigella.

    are there black lithium greases ?
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    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny are there black lithium greases ?

    Yes sir
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    nigger lithium grease
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    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Yes sir

    what a lie. they arent sold as black lithium grease.
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