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NFL DOLPHINS discussion thread

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    Bradley Black Hole
    FOlks we're 3-0 I don't know anything about football but i love the packers and now i love the dolphins

    Go Dolphins! we're on our second string qp our first guy he had a concssiobnn i guess yesterday and did this weird derp thing before he went to te hospital
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    Bradley Black Hole
    a fencing response, basically they all derped bad
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    curlyKellen Tuskegee Airman
    Dan Marino approves.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Hey everyone two month later bump, Miami is currently 7-3, about to be 8-3 as they're beating the shitty ass Texans 30-0. I think they have an 88%+ chance of going to the playoffs. I'd really like to see them win a second superbowl (while i'm living there and a temporary fan ofc). i've gotten to know some of the major players like Tau and that big black guy.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Off topic, but packers (Wisconsin's team) is having a terrible year, not going to the super bowl, fuck aaron rodgers, & honestly I'd like to see the Vikings do well, they're having a pretty good year at least in terms of the NFC division. That be super cool if it was Miami vs. Minnesota.

    I'mma look up how much a miami dolphin's homegame ticket, the arena is like ten miles away. I thought about going to go watch the Miami Heat play cuz their FTX arena is right next to my college but then I remembered I've been to prison and already watched enough sweating black men throw a ball around while people shout to last me a lifetime.
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    mmQ Lisa Turtle
    I was at the Cowboys Vikings game two Sundays afk when we won 40-3. I have to admit it was a pretty fucking awesome time and hilarious being one of three Dallas fans in my party of like 20 vikings fans. Overall it was basically 50/50 cowboys Vikings people in the stadium just like last year. Dallas fans are everywhere it's kinda funny.

    I like the Dolphins and they usually always gave new england a hard time even when Miami sucks they still make it tough.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I have no idea what state you live in, I assumed it was Dakotas/Montana/Somewhere at the same latitude as me in Wisconsin. But I'm pretty sure I know it's not Minnesota, I would have met up with you.
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