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Minecraft 20w14∞ "Funky Portal" April Fool Update

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    Ghost Black Hole
    I have been playing the 2020 April Fools snapshot of minecraft 20w14∞ "20w14infinite"

    It essentially adds a way to generate random dimensions into the game, accessed through nether portals. I think this might just be THE ULTIMATE version of minecraft.
    an April Fools' joke snapshot, supposedly the first and only snapshot for the "Ultimate Content" update, released on April 1, 2020,[1] which adds new procedurally generated dimensions that randomize existing elements of the game and several ways to access them. 20w14∞ is a fork of 20w13b, which was the most recent snapshot at the time.
    There are 2,147,483,645 new dimensions, which means 2,147,483,648 (231) possible dimensions per world seed, giving 295 dimension combinations in total, roughly 40 octillion
    .The sky, blocks, menu, player, etc. are randomly tinted
    .In a majority of the dimensions, the sky either cycles rapidly, making a full revolution in exactly five seconds, or it is completely frozen. It is rare for the sky to move at others speeds, but when it does move at other speeds, the cycle duration is randomized.
    .The lighting in the dimensions can be unusual.
    .Liquids behave differently in different dimensions. In some, the liquids act like they are in the Overworld, and in the rest, they act like they are in the Nether.

    I've seen and done it all at this point and played so many versions, but 20w14∞ offers something no other version does and the possibilities are endless. Here's how I see it,

    Normal vanilla MC world you might get a netherite block beacon if you grind for a month, you can fill shulkers with diamond blocks and that's "rich"
    In Anarchy MC you can dupe shulkers, have hundreds of double chests of max enchant gear, rare items, totems and that's BIG BUCKS wealthy
    On skyblock you can have IRL trade $1000's USD worth ITems rare limited cosmetics, custom swords and armor worth BILLIONS of MINECRAFT MONIES and BILLIONS worth of GOLD, DIAMOND, EMERALD, etc that's PALATIAL MUSEUM SHEN SECRET AUCTION RICH

    But in 20w14∞ Funky Portal Infinite Minecraft you can have entire DIMENSIONS made out of PURE DIAMOND BLOCK and the very concept of ECONOMICS and WEALTH itself are SKEWED. Instead of mining an entire desert or duping sand for glass for villager trade you can have an entire DIMENSION where it's NOTHING BUT SAND OR GLASS and just fucking PUMP PUMP PUMP. IT really makes you rethink everything.

    If you ever get bored of miencraft I suggest firing up this version, it's pretty neat. I will post pictures of my adventures in the multiverses dimensions

    Some world I have explored

    "Fish Hell" the entire world is a coral reef except instead of water it spawned glass panes so thousands of fish are raining from the skies non stop flopping around on the ground in pain until they die infinitely for all eternity, I destroyed the portal and burned the book.

    "Lanny World" idk whats going on here but it seems very drunk

    Pink and purple snow and a purple creeper OMG


    This is my funky dimensional portal travel room. I have come up with the inovation to put tehm right next to each other since they don't link they go to other UNIVERSES so it works and I got them labelled with all the stuff that each dimension has.
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    Someone get this kid a diaper.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Someone get this kid a diaper.

    There is no shortage on materials for anything, believe me. Infinite amounts of EVERYTHING

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    Ghost Black Hole
    there are easter egg dimensions with skyblock and new blocks only in this version

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    Ghost Black Hole
    today I explored the coal dimension and got enough coal to last 20 minecraft lifetimes in 10 minutes with a fortune pickaxe


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    Ghost Black Hole
    I call this the egg dimension

    String and zombie flesh farm anyone?

    I call this the GOD dimension

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    Ghost Black Hole
    I finally found the emerald dimension biome and mined a shulker full of emerald blocks whjile wither slowly encroached my position

    finally after exploring all 6 dimensions of precious material, Diamond, Redstone, Gold, Emerald, Soulstone and Mithril I was able to assemble all 6 infinity stones and craft the gemstone gauntlet from hypixel skyblock

    which I then used to defeat the wither storm (REAL)

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