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I realized I have an evolving sexuality and i'm trying to keep it in check

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    Bradley Black Hole
    I don't like boys/men, barely like mysel.

    So for like the last uh, ok, to start it all out. I really really really like when girls get nervous, because of how big my weiner is and i tell them look it's going right in your mouth

    So folks that was like 15 years ago. OK, now when I fap I think about three things. Pushing a woman/tranny to her limit with my big weiner, LOVE thinking about holding my exes and just Like I remember this little mexican girl i was with her, my friend saw me penis and asked her "How do you fi that inside you???" dude thatw as the biggest boner maker rever.

    Things I love, Small girls, (not a pedophile but i mean like 110lb girls)and I really like making all 3 of their holes MY SIZE,my bad, but if i wanna really love a girl i need:

    Mouth, Pussy, Ass. Am I wrong???

    I love when the pussy goes right andm y heavy and I know my dick getting sicked. But then I think about me BRADLEYB standing up, and I slap that ass so fuckin hard as I hit it from the back, first thing I think when my right hand starts to hurt from the spankins. *LEFT HAND* mmm,

    I love making a girl open her mouth when im eight inches inside her, That's 20cm everyone!!!! LOL

    And when I'm thinking about busting a load in her, I say look me in the eyes and I spit right in her face as I bust inside of her and tell her

    I love you!~!~!~!~

    Andeverythingi just said i swear I meant 100%
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    Ghost Black Hole
    me too
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    Bradley Black Hole
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    Originally posted by Bradley Things I love, Small girls, (not a pedophile but i mean like 110lb girls)

    nothing confesses 'im a closeted pedo' louder than saying 'i like adult girls that have the physiques of a little, pubescent girl.

    aint got nuttin more closeted pedo than dat
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    Bradley Black Hole
    why it's the truth

    You probably have the body of a 12 year old chink girl, or you're really fat. As I'm disgusted by fatpeople anda large man, how is it pedophilic to say that I have a "type"
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    Bradley Black Hole
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    Speedy Parker Black Hole [my absentmindedly lachrymatory gazania]
    OP wonders why he's alone 🤦‍♂️
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