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Ethereum has completed 99.76% of the merge

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Welcome to your new web3 world

    Originally posted by Ghost just wait until Ethereum completes the dimensional merge than you wont even need to "mine" a cryptocurrency by solving 10 trilliion meth problems on your CPU, instead the network is being upgraded to the future global internet hivemind so that it uses the power of the internet computer instead of physical electricity to generate the tokens

    People say this will make it go up in price exponentially, or this could all go to $0 folx there is no way to predict the future.
    SOme say this upgrade will make Bitcoin Ticker: BTC become obsolete as the network infastructure depends on a real life energy grid from a bunch of Chinese Kahzakstan ripto miners on supercomputers controlling 99% of the network power compared to a merged steak system of decentralized sillycone valley smart contract web3 tek internet computer

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    Migh Yung Blood
    I have 2.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    We are 6 hours away from the new future of tomorrow and not a single person cares, because technology in modern society is something we value so little it has to fight for market dominance to be the best.

    the beacons and shards will make up our new web3 tomorrow

    tek and shards
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    lockedin Houston
    The author of this post has returned to nothingness
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by lockedin Nobody cares about it except for degenerate gamblers and moontards trying to get rich quick so they can fill their gaping psychological voids with lambos and cocaine

    Just because I do cocaine and gamble does not mean I don't believe in the technological future. The main and only complaint with crypto is the environmental impact, all the systems are in place now for it to keep growing and nobody can complain about it destroying the planet like bitcoin.

    The future is here folks
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    lockedin Houston
    The author of this post has returned to nothingness
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    Ghost Black Hole
    the future is now here folx
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