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    Ghost Black Hole
    As I could hear the morning cars of the area start up and take off for work I hopped up and went to work as well in the wank den I had been stinking up good for days now. I was on a mission.

    I was so delusional by this point I had the Facialized video on mirror setting with all these crazy motion effects with it, and set to invert. The audio was echoing and reverbing like crazy and the speed of the playback was 30 percent so it was like an echo chamber. At times I forgot it was even on mirror and just saw these snakes shooting ecto jizem in the faces of these blue alien women with one eye and one tit melting and a moaning so slowly that it seemed like they were crying out to me in some kind of out of worldly pain that I could only help them with by staying erect. I was nodding yes but it wasn't going stay up for another 50 cumshots worth of this crazy shit.

    Video games are more rewarding
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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
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