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One of the most humorous moments I've had in this community.

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    Bradley victim of incest
    Hey everyone in 2014 or so, my ex fiance broke up with me or we were taking a break that lasted indefinitely however you wanna call it.

    So I decided to gay it up, however I was a poor petty drug dealer addicted to k2 & 211, I was about 22 years old. I was very excited to find out what Men's Spas were, even more joyed was I when I found out there was a huge one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. About 20 minutes from my mom's house, so I was very excited to go have a massive gay gangbang with strangers, group showers, there was a gym there, private rooms, etc. Kinda archetitected & designed to be like the Roman baths. However, it was 40$ to enter for 4 hours & then I needed liek 10$ bus fare. So i told my good online friends Tortilla, Panthrax, Mash, 4j, and probably you if you recall this. For three weeks, so I finally got the money to get there and get in, I chose a special date of IDFK it was like the first friday of the month was Bears & Bear Lovers. In the gay community because of my hairy exterior I am considered an Otter which is like a bear except not fat and at the time I wasn't that bald, so I was an otter, but close enough.

    So I take the public bus down there in hopes of gangbanging a bunch of fruitloops in an endless fuck session that I have been so excited to go to and not fapped in days (a long period of time for me to go fapless even now about 9 years later) and I went to the non descript entrance and I was very excited.

    HOWEVER, upon entering I was greeted by a nice lady (kinda weird I thought, now looking back she was probably trans) and looked around. It smelled very much like shit and cleaning solutions. I also thought the decorum was not Roman but very tacky. I had expected something a lot more (if you've seen the movie 300 basicallhy that one seen with all the bodies and someone fanning him and another person wrestling the guy suckin him off cuz he/she wants some cock and everyone rubbing my body) INSTEAD it smelled like shit & jail cleaning solutions, you know what im talking about if you ever been to an institution, that smells that *tells* you it was recently clean when it isn't. Then I saw 2 fat guys talking behind the desk. The walls had a bunch of posters with rainbows and I didn't see any plants (I expected plants and a warm sauna environment type) and I was kinda disgusted.

    So I turned around and walked to the liquor store. When I got home I went on Tinychat and explained to everyone why I didn't have a 4 hour gangbang with strangers.

    I was told "You went to go fuck random men for four hours in a bathhouse after traveling and saving up for it for several weeks but immediately left because the smell and decor was not to your liking. That's the gayest part of all."

    Thank you.

    I told this tranny in my math class I'll give her head if she helps me with my math homework (I don't need help) ganggang I think imma get laid today after like 91 days of celibacy since that old black lady on the bus to memphis.
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