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The Man, His Wife, and The Devil

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    Bradley victim of incest
    Well there was an old man who lived in a hill,
    if he aint dead yet he's probably there still.
    Hitched up the horse and went out to plow,
    just how he got around I'll never know how.

    Well the devil came up and met him up at the gate
    One of your family I'm here to take.
    THe old man cried my family's done,
    he's here to take my only son.

    No it aint your son nor daughter I crave,
    But your old thorny woman its here I'll have.
    Take her on Mr. Devil with the joy of my heart
    and I hope to God that you never will part.

    Well the devil took her out in an old smelly sack
    He looked like a camel with a hump on his back.
    He made it as far as the fork in the road
    He said get off old woman you're a hell of a load.

    When they got down to the gate of Hell,
    he said fire it up let's scorch her well.
    Along came little devil with a length of chain,
    but she picked upa rock and knocked out his brain.
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    mmQ Lisa Turtle
    How did she pick up and throw a rock at him if she was stuffed inside an old smelly bag?
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    Here's a limerick I wrote for a girl at school

    There was a young girl called Diane
    Whose tits didn't have bounce when she ran
    They went up and down and around and around
    Those wonderful tits of Diane.

    She was a school prefect like me, I wrote it on a wall (large) by where she was usually "stationed" so she'd see it. She wasn't happy about it and reported it. I got suspended for a few days.

    6 months later she was all over me and we got caught in the Prefect's room having sex, I said it was my fault to save her...I got "fired" from being a prefect for that...the first person to be fired from being a Prefect in the 150yrs of the school...something to be proud of I think...I was a god to the other kids after that.
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