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Financial Advice for Fonaplats/BeReeBuddy/BradleyB's Dumb Cousin

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    Bradley victim of incest
    Yeah so I have a comfortable level of income. I live in one of the most expensive places in the country, a lot more expensive than Milwaukee's 95% black north side I lived at before. I only get 950 a month and then like 50 in food stamps. So I collectively would say I'm living on 12,000 a year. Despite the mockery of RIPTOTSE that led me to drinking and using crack last week, I do alright. I never purchase anything I want and if I do want to purchase something (over 10$) I make myself wait a week to reevaluate if I really need it. Because of this I largely eliminate a lot of the frivolous spending that dumb niggas ITT who I won't directly name gravitate to.

    While it's a clever ploy by the jedis to get people to spend their bottom dollar on fucking couches, mattresses, expensive pizzas, other people's unwanted children, gifts and short term loans, I long ago figured out how to rise above it. If I want something badly, I generally either meditate on it or resort to thievery. For instance;

    I've wanted a Nintendo Wii for about 18 months to play the new Animal Crossing on it. Do i have more than enough to purchase 5 system outright, have my bills paid for till the end of September, and have enough money left over for food and cigarettes? I sure do. But what if I have an actual need that requires money? When I went into college I needed to rent some books, buy notebooks, binders, highlighters, a cell phone, and some form of saving device. I thought about it and choose to apply for the government phone, pay the extra 35$ to get a tablet, use google docs to save all my documentation and rent a chromebook from the library while I wait for student life to send me the paperwork to apply for a laptop, I continued using my no service mobile device and saved maps to it when I had wifi, I downloaded one of the books through a Piracy website, and purchased all the notebooks, folders, and writing materials outright.

    So whereas I could've spent 200-1000 dollars acquiring everyhting I needed, like some poor white trash would've, I spent about 100$.

    When I wanted the new animal crossing, I went and downloaded a 3ds emulator, turned off the 3ds feature, and played a lot of animal crossing and handheld zelda games, having purchased one of those USB-Xbox360 controllers and getting it to run off my laptop provided the same joys the new game would've. I have no fishing stuff, but have friends that let me use one of their rods & reels. I have a computer that can access Google Docs. I downloaded my favorite rap albums so I can play them when I don't have wifi and just have to manually orientate my maps to my location on my no service phone.

    But I have enough money that I paid for rent until the end of september. Yes I would like to try the new Sushi placce they just started, or buy a shitload of chicken wings for dinner tonight, or maybe get beautiful black prostitute to fuck on the beach, but I dont. For fucks sake I borrowed a towel for the first three weeks I got out of rehab until I got one for free.

    & When I want drugs I go to the ATM withdrawl 60 dollars, go to the gas station and get 6 tens and buy dimes cuz it makes me just as happy or even happier than getting a big 50 once.

    I don't act like I have unlimited money to spend and that's why I have unlimited money to spend. Tonight I"ll either go fishing, where I use a cast net to land sardines that I tether to a hook with a sliding weight on it, and get free dinner. If not it'll be weiners & mac and cheese or weiners & mashed potatos. I have as much coffee as I can drink, I'm wearing clean clothes, I get free HBO from one of my old plug's cousin's husbands acccount I still use for the seldom times I want to watch a movie and if I get bored, masturbation is free.

    I'd much rather have very little and the ability to focus on my NEEDS being more than adequetly met than having a 70$ pizza, the chance to breath in dolly partins perspiration, and a 3,000$ mattress some other niggas gonna be cumming on in 2023.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Bradley B is just upset and jealous that he can't into the local bestBuy like fona and walk out with a 5 year no down contract and brand new subwoofer surround sound system and then gets to take his wife and children to the local THE LORAX 2 film and order popcorn and hotdog for everyone
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    Ghost Black Hole
    You should go back to rehab, clearly the cocaine abuse is making you deranged and obsessed about a mans life other than your own. You should focus on bettering yourself instead
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    Bradley victim of incest
    that's why i'm in college and not on drugs, i do this for fun bud.
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]


    bradley u make me laugh more and more, it seems u really are the definition of white trash.

    Still lub ya doe buddy
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    Bradley victim of incest
    Wow that's really mean to say, I'm disabled and content with what I have. For someone who speaks of zen and planes of existance and all that other bullshit about morality, it's kinda shocking you're so hypocritical when it comes to contentment and acceptance of ones current position.

    I'm not sure if a lot of people are comfortable with their disability stipend, I used to 15 months ago juggle paying rent (albiet I paid a little less), with my alcoholism and rampant narcotics use. I was unable to save but able to live in my means and supply my own habits and make a little side hustle.

    Once I moved somewhere where cigarettes are 4$ a pack instead of 10, stopped drinking (Which is about 10$ a day), stopped using crystal meth and marijuana.

    I have less to pay for (drugs/alcohol), pay less for what I do need (cigarettes_, and have the same amount of desires (almost none) so whereas before I was making due and making ends meet, now I have a surplus, that little bit of surplus is my window where I find contentment enough to facilitate my life, do I really want a 400$ Surf Rod & Reel that can help me land big ass monsters with ease? Yes, but am I able to use the rod with the busted tip and the plastic reel from the 90s? Yea
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