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Venting my total hatred of fat, lazy, nasty men.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    I shit you not, so this §m£ÂgØL looking obese hispanic guy comes into class 10 minutes late. You know what he did? Sat 40 feet away from me and ate for 1 1/2. He walked in with Wendys and ate this big ass thing of fries and 2 sammiches, then he busted out a fucking liter of chocolate milk, then I watched him eat out of a previously opened family size bag of gardettos.

    Folks thats how much I consume in a fucking day.

    Dude was all of 5'4 and was so fucking fat when he went to wipe his hands on his shirt (ofc) he didn't even need to make them parallel with the up and down you'd normally have a shirt positioned on you in a sitting position, his huge ass belly made the fucking shirt nearly lateral like a table perfect for collecting crumbs and wiping ones hands.

    So I have to go to the bathroom, I walk to the bathroom and this fat fucking piece of shit is waiting for the elevator. REALLY WE'RE ON THE SECOND FUCKING FLOOR BRUH. so I go shit real quick and walk out a few minutes later, he's still waiting on the elevator and asks me if it's broke, I tell him "I don't use an elevator when I can walk a flight of stairs."

    dude makes this loud "eeeeeeeeeuhhhhhghhhh" groan like he's deflating his torso, and then does this weird humpty dumpty walk like a fucking teetertotter and you know me, I gotta say something.

    "Do you have a health condition, bud?" and as he's on the last step he's out of fucking breath and says No.

    I said OH I have rheumatoid arthritis and it hurts to walk, see you next Saturday.

    Fuck fat people and fuck accomdating people for being over weight. No Elevator = Cardio Exercise

    No wonder he was late.

    I'mma go fish in the ocean for 8 hours fuck all fat people (except Trayvon Martin and girls)
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    Bradley Black Hole
    90 minutes off straight eating . Folks for breakfast I had a cup of coffee and a cigarette.
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    How disrespectful to be eating and drinking during a class.
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Welcome to community college

    My favorite pastime is to talk about guns and conceal and carry and how biden is a pedo and hunter is a crack head and all that good shit just to piss them off.

    Also reminding them that laws suck ass and so does the government is always fun cuz they like to make more laws
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