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Majority of Texans want to leave the USA

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    Donald Trump Dark Matter
    66% of Texas voters want Texas to “peacefully become an independent country” according to a poll by SurveyUSA, a top-rated pollster. 76% of Republican voters and 59% of Democrat voters agreed. The poll of 625 Texans was supported by similar polls of seven other states.

    As for how to respond if Texas, California, or Hawaii voted to become independent countries, eight states, except the states in question, were asked. Only 3 to 9 percent of any state think a military attack should be considered for any of these three states.

    Americans won't fight to keep their corrupt union together either.
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    Lol imagine if California became it's own would be the newest 3rd world country within 3yrs and USA would be SWAMPED with refugees.
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