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I found where Paul Wozny has been.

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    Bradley victim of incest
    Folks following his heart failure, which in no way was related to:

    -Binging adderall and xanax.
    -Eating a diet of >8000 Calories a day.
    -Living a sedintary diet, removed from all forms of cardio strengthening activities.
    -The abuse suffered at the hands of NiS, chiefly being doxxed as a convicted pedophile from Wisconsin that BradleyB knew in prison.
    -Gigi leaving him when her son turned 18 and went off to college.
    -Being a fat piece of shit.

    Fortunately he has returned to this earth. The Gods upon finding out his family line rejected him sought to place him in a fitting vehicle for the future his actions in his past life have fully warranted. He returned where his spirit felt most comfortable and continues operating today. Warm, hated by those interacting with him, and believing conspiratorially that he is doing "what is right" for him.

    Also I got my chromebook today and will be able to make much lengthier posts as I recently found out while in the rehab I can type about 100 words per minute. Though when I am not doing the 1 minute test I likely only can type about 60-80 words per minute with 98%+ accuracity. Mostly due to the fact that I use my large penis to hit the space bar, making me a sort of three armed stenographer. & Yes Michael Meyers I will begin our eConversations at length once again, I appreciate you waiting patiently, the small keyboard I stole was too little for my XXL hands and corresponding space bar slapping penis.
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    Rape Monster African Astronaut
    What's with your fascination with this guy? Were you scorned lovers in the past?
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