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You guys think I'd have a chance with nora from upload?

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    Hey ye ol frothies… It’s time for me to wife up and fast, the throne at castle jerrymander is getting cold, and Milena is about to have me upside down with a fork up my ass…

    Fuckin'… I went to Chicago last week and it was good, but I can't just be pitching thirty dollar yoller boller everytime I step out of the house.

    Milena is critical, I took her to get baptised yesterday to try and help her and there was like 12 inches of water. He had to push her all the way down to immerse her, because she tried to sell it… And all I could do was charge a big hearty hallelujah so they didn't pyramid fall into the water and drown 😬. Anyway, they came up and her teeth were half about to fall out. I gave her a minute, and then we went and introduced ourselves to the first lady.

    Milena didn't call 911 or go try to break into the nieghbors house today so that's good. She gets critical when you tell her her week old fridge cuisine looks like (dog shit).
    Fuosiksuoddjkk is n

    Fuckn', I played runescape today and joined the crown bunnys… The girl who runs it is 29 and is level 126… so I'm fuckin with this jig

    Upload girl could be promising. Two people with interracial parents. She just has to walk talk and act like an American if she gets with me. Cause I'm not about to move to picktown and be stuck talking jibberish to the cashier..

    Fuckin'… Fona wanted me to rent him a parking spot to park his van at saturday, I was like “ No, there's a whole city for you to park it in bro” I literally stayed in my wagon all night Thursday night just chillin on a pivot. I went to the park and ducked.

    I'm moving to Pickerington the end of this month… Castle JerryMander is finished, I just need a queen and subjects. 4 more years of community control and I'll be free as a bird. Car needs work and I gotta figure out what to do with this art.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    if she don't do meth she ain't worth a buck
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    Ghost Black Hole
    lotta thirty cent bitches out there
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    Rape Monster African Astronaut
    Kellen, you would barely have a chance with a hole in a gas station bathroom
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    Well... Looks like I had to shake some niggers off of my metadata. Good thing I have self-efficacy and care about myself or else I would of been nigger ground. God I hate niggers.
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    Niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers
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    Originally posted by Rape Monster Kellen, you would barely have a chance with a hole in a gas station bathroom

    Hey! You're a nigger!
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    Rape Monster African Astronaut
    Originally posted by curlyKellen Hey! You're a nigger!

    I think you are looking at your mirror and not ur phone screen holmes
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