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The importance of knowing the impotence of Standoff Weapons in EuroZone.

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    It is very important to understand the impotence of standoff weapons of the Russian Federation vis-a-vis its european neighbors. This is because standoff weapons work on the same basic principle as openly carrying extremely danderdous assault-grade, military-styled, weapons of war;

    and that is of casting a DETERRENCE EFFECT.

    And as you all may have already known, the effectiveness of the deterrence effect induced TOTALLY DEPENDS upon the ability of those who are exposed to it to know and understand the deadly consequence of such weapons when deployed.

    Brandish such a weapon of race war before an uppity nigger and it will quiet down and cower in fear, for a nigger knows the consequences when such a weapon is deployed against it.

    But flash a military-styled, tactically-fashioned, combat-colored, assault-oriented, war-inspired, mysoginists-approved AR-15 in the face of an angry bear of any color, panda included, and it will have zero effect on the angry bear, for bears know not what these deadly weapons of genocide are, or what they can inflict on them. Only loud noises from these weapons will scare them.

    Now this is also the same with european countries. If you don't already know this, the Europes of today are run by women, human females, and if you have already been initiated, you would have already known this as a matter of fact:


    This was why Eve ate us out of heaven and this is also why abortion is a very important rights for modern, liberated women.

    The problem is that it is very hard to abort a nuclear detonation once a nuclearly potent ICBM has penetrated deep into their air spaces, but the women who run europe will not be able to understand this and they will continue to play geopolitical and geostrategic harlot in any and every way they possibly can until the day they're being inseminated with nukes.

    And they will only regret it after the fact.

    And they will not be able to abort it.

    It is of utmost importance for the strong and masculine leaders of the strong and masculine countries of Russia and China to realize the impotence of these strong and masculine standoff weapons as means to secure strong and masculine peaceses.

    Until next time,

    Sig hell.
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    Speedy Parker Black Hole [my absentmindedly lachrymatory gazania]
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    Originally posted by Speedy Parker tldr

    too lonely, double readed ?
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    Speedy Parker Black Hole [my absentmindedly lachrymatory gazania]
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