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PUtting METH in an insulin pump

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    Ghost Black Hole
    is this possible. Can you get an insulin pump without having diabetes ? just buy it off amazon and install yourself?
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    Rape Monster African Astronaut
    See if there are any local veterinarians who look like cavemen to help you implant it
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    Ghost Black Hole
    vets are stuck up assholes theres a reason people STEAL their ketamine because they refuse to sell it
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    Have u made any progress on this yet? Asking for swim
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Yes, this is a perfectly feasible idea and I also came up with a bionic thumb that never gets blisters from flicking the lighter

    Hunter Biden is doing his part communicating with the high shadow elders in his ceremonial tripping tank.

    Edward methpipehands is recruiting local college chemistry majors and sorted them by bust
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