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Taking advantage of the large demand for low priced real estate by selling someone elses home for them.

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    Totse2k1 Houston
    Hey everyone its your reformed pedophile Paul Wozny aka a Convicted Pedophile from Janesville, Wisconsin aka Totse2k1

    I have been mulling around this idea, there's a lot of demand for folks to sell their homes for very high prices especially in tropical locations. I am looking for suggestions to this idea to improve it and to reduce liability of returning to prison.

    Essentially we're going to find properties someone doesn't really need to own and sell them for them, without them knowing and we're gonna keep the money.

    What you'll need:
    -White Skin Pigmentation
    -Title to Home that's not been lived in for several years
    -DL matching the home owner you're gonna be helping
    -Basic lock picking tools, 1 working lockable doorknob.

    List for the value of the land, or a little below, and tell them it costs too much for you to remove the house but think someone with more resources would be really able to do something with it rather than continue it being an eyesore. Show that you have the key to the front door (must install this first), if any neighbors come cuz of the Listing, tell them your the nephew of (Title Owner's Name) who doesn't give a fuck about this property anymore and I'm selling it to help him out cuz i live around here.

    I haven't figured out how to get the money (cuz it's gonna be in dude's name via bankwire) but I'm thinking about telling them I want it in bitchcoin even though that does seem suspect as fuck, much like cash would. But I need the money to be liquid and out of the account ASAP.

    We have about 1yr before this gets noticed, which is a lot of time.

    Folks if I can get 30k out of one of these properties, I'd be stoked! 120k would be great! If I do it once I can do it 3 times, God Willing, pepole are so desperate for a good deal they want to give me the money.

    I have contacts to print up the title, look up the names, and manufacture the necessary driver's license. THe only issue is receiving the money.

    I'm not afraid to go back to prison but I am afraid of being broke and on god I'm finna die a millionare or get murked trying.

    Posted by Quick Mix Ready, a real estate scammer from San Fransicso, California.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    i am down like a clown charlie white
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    Bradley Black Hole
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    Rape Monster Space Nigga
    That's what Tyrone biggums did on Chappelle show
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