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Jan 6th in Sri Lanker.

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    Donald Trump Dark Matter

    Thousands of protesters don storm President Gotabaya Rajapaksa official residence for di capital of Sri Lanka.

    Demonstrators from all over di kontri march to Colombo dey demand im resignation afta months of protests over mismanagement of di kontri economic crisis.

    Reports say dem don already move di president to a safer location.

    Protesters also enta di official residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, wey don agree to resign.

    Videos show protesters dey take selfies on beds and dey siddon ontop furniture for di house.

    Di kontri dey suffer serious inflation and dey struggle to import food, fuel and medicine.

    Thousands of anti-goment protesters travel to di capital, officials tell AFP news agency say some even "forcefully take over" trains to reach dia.

    Dem swim enta Colombo goment district, dey shout slogans like "Gota go home!" and dem break through several police barricades to reach President Rajapaksa house.

    Police fire shots in di air and use tear gas to try to prevent angry crowds from overrunning di residence, but dem no fit stop some of di crowd from entering.

    "Dem escort di president to safety," one senior defence source tell AFP. "E still be di president, military unit dey protect am."
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    i hup dey hung Sir Pika Mensa
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