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had a wild ass dream

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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
    literally when im on one i sleep way too much
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    I was driving the hearse for a funeral -it was an honorary thing like being a Paul bear- .. I had to gas it up, the fuel filler was inside the cab. The gas pump had two settings , spray the gas forward or shoot it backwards back towards the handle and I picked the wrong setting and sprayed gas all over the interior I was worried I'd stink up the casket and my suit.

    Well I went to the house of the deceased and they were a hoarder with a bunch of shit including gas grills so I just put a gas grill with propane tank in all of the neighbors backyards to try to get rid of some junk.

    One of the relatives knew or highly suspected I had done this and they were pissed.they felt they had a claim to the grills so they pretended like all the neighbors must have each come and stolen a
    Grill so I was like wow dude it was me I'll go indian take them back if your worried about it, and I did too.

    That's a bout it then I went to a friend's place in the neighborhood and they were building a underground facility with a makeshift elevator and using a shovel and weel barrel to get the dirt out
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    Bradley Black Hole
    This thread sucks.
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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Originally posted by Bradley This thread sucks.

    fuck you bitch

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    Was your dream about a little black boy?
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