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making oil from the sun - SUN OIL

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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
    literally epstine and tesla both predicted this but the goverment doesnt want it because it doesnt fit in with there petro dolar of false inflation.

    i predict other planets have easily harnessed sun oil
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    it's true, the world produces oil faster than could ever be extracted. The kikes want you to think we are one pump away from running out forever which is why they can get away with charging so much at the pump
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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
    THE USA PLANET literall produces a asslode of oil excuse my cussing its just ricdiculous because the world elites will claim were in a drought and we need more laws and rules but they wanna go around killing all the fetuses plural, because nothing else can make htem happy besides ratcheting up the laws literally when the star that are planet goes around makes oil by the asslode excuse the cussing right here on mother earth
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    The pills are over there in the corner on the fancy plate lads.
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