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Hey Black Lives Madder aka Paul Wozny aka Totse2k1 aka a child molestor give us some coupons for door dash/uber eats

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    Bradley victim of incest
    I don't have an account but my friend does and I want to not throw in for food by paying for delivery, I know you can get us some free coupons for some shit. Be less of a bitch in this matter and you might actually make a friend or two.

    You fat pedophilic piece of shit, lookin like Grandpa Bad Touch and shit, motherfucker I bet you only have glasses so you can see your tiny victims better.

    Also please remove your copyright claim on youtube, ol' snitchin ass fuck nigga!
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    Lit Papi Houston
    fucking talking that chomo shit in NY dawg you gonna get one from the bario ms13 i tried to warny you
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    Rape Monster African Astronaut
    You catch more flies with honey than vinegar
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    Bradley victim of incest
    Ok, i'll try this again.

    Paul do you wanna bury the hatchet and remove the copyright claim on the video of your wife leaving you, I also would like coupons for free things. In return, I will call you 1 (once) for 10 (ten) minutes at a time of your choice. I also will be neither mean nor kind to you, but rather give you a fresh start.

    If you have coupons to any of the fast food places you frequent daily I would be more willing to budge.
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