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Patriot Front arrested.

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    Donald Trump Dark Matter

    Anything odd?
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Meanwhile in st louis heroin, meth, and crack are cheaper than weed and street races and drug deals are done with nearly complete immunity from law enforcement.

    These guys totally look like they were gonna do a whole bunch of crazy shit...I bet if you looked at all their records most have jobs and aren't criminals and can legally conceal and carry.

    The world is upside down
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    Gotta love foreigners judging Americans I think most Europeans think Americans care what they think and that we take their thinking into consideration on a regular basis.

    I’m not exactly sure why they do, maybe because some of us read The Economist or Guardian UK?

    Honestly honestly, I would wager that younger Americans pay more much attention to Asia than all of Europe put together.

    I think most Americans don’t really know what is actually supposed to be so advanced and sophisticated about Europe.
    I think this American attitude isn’t so hostile as it is skeptical. Like if Europe is so great why aren’t they leading the world?

    Like wasn’t the Euro supposed to put the dollar in its place?
    Americans do not sense European power in anything other that bureaucratic stuff like GDPR and whatever we’re supposed to do with the Higgs Boson, thanks CERN, now what?

    To put it succinctly, Americans my age take Europe for granted. We think that if you’re ever going to do something significant on the planet, you’re going to need our help, or it just won’t happen. The younger generation simply doesn’t respect Europe.

    We all know they invented racism, colonialism, imperialism, slavery, the patriarchy, oppression, capitalism, industrial pollution and war.

    We’re trying to teach them better, but you all probably invented self-flagellation too.
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    those are government issue balaclava. I have never seen a real person that isn't a cop wear those ever.
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    Rape Monster Space Nigga
    they are coming to groom and rape ur kids, while tazing and arresting u if u don't like it. u will go to jail for having white babies.
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