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Something is fishy about today's tornado...

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    BeeReBuddy motherfucker [pimp your due marabout]

    Above is a picture of the damage from a so called "tornado" that supposedly occurred while I was at work.
    This building is 1 town north of me.
    It did storm a good few minutes this afternoon but something about that photo just isn't right.

    How is the building so fucked yet all the cars are still parked so nicely in the lot right next to it?
    Yes, I understand the building has big tall flat sides to it and all but for this to have occurred and there be no damage in that parking lot or even a little disturbance of some kind leads me to suspect structural failure that could only occur due to faults in the building's design or construction.

    In this picture of another side of the building you see some small light debris (mostly foam insulation bits) and it is very clear all the semi-trailers are left completely undisturbed.
    Where they all fully loaded and bolted to the fucking pavement?
    Those fuckers can tip over with regular flat line winds...

    In this ariel view you can see 3 trailers that are on their sides.
    They were probably the lightest for the cover up team to lift and flip over.
    Meanwhile there are hundreds more all around that sit perfectly unmolested in their parking spots.

    The damage to the building appears isolated to one half of one side.
    Why did only that wall give out?
    And usually when such a thing does happen a high pressure build up causes the ENTIRE roof to fly off.

    Here's my theory:
    The construction company tasked with installing the precast concrete walls did a sub par job which caused them to fall inward and expose some of the roof to high winds which peeled it slightly back.

    Will anyone face any consequences for this?

    Fuck no they wont and Meijer (A HUGE MULTI BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION) will get a massive insurance pay out which will buy them an even bigger fucking building and they still won't pay their workers jack shit (probably).

    FUCK JOE BIDEN and his tornado of progressive bullshit.
    It is as weak as he.
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    looks like it was hit with a space laser
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    BeeReBuddy motherfucker [pimp your due marabout]
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood looks like it was hit with a space laser

    A direct energy weapon is plausible but the damage pattern doesn't match any I am familiar with.
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    Maybe the cars parked up AFTER the tornado...if you look a the first pic there is clearly some vehicles in disarray. Also a car is more robust and heavy than a bit of roofing.
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    remember that time the george floyd wall got hit with lightning? yeah right

    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood The mysterious Floyd Mural "lightning strike"

    The apartment collapse, and now this

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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood remember that time the george floyd died because a cop had his knee on the BACK of his neck?

    Yeah right
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    it was actually a penis on his neck I saw the footage
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    russian energy weapon
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