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Starting an international chemical conglomerate

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    Big money can be made LEGALLY

    It was in the mid-2010s, the researchers heard, when “tranq dope” took off in Philadelphia.

    They knew that “tranq dope” — opioids that contained the veterinary tranquilizer xylazine — was already a fixture in the drug supply in Puerto Rico and had sporadically turned up in overdose reports in Philadelphia as far back as 2006. But now, people who used drugs and sold drugs told the researchers that xylazine had become a sought-after substance, and it had become a much more prevalent element of the local drug supply.

    The reports from Philadelphia and clues that xylazine was cropping up in other parts of the country inspired the researchers and colleagues to try to track the expansion of the drug across the continental United States. And in a paper published this month, they reported a steep jump in just a few years: In the 10 places studied, xylazine was found in 0.36% of overdose deaths in 2015. By 2020, it was 6.7%. In some places, it was appearing in 1 in 5 overdose deaths.

    I don't know of any laws associated with xylazine, maybe it's regulated maybe not. That doesn't matter though because we will not be making xylazine but instead it's direct precursor

    2,6-dimethylphenyl isothiocyanate

    this shit is 100% legal and high priced and is vital in the production of this chemical. For a low low price and 10fold cost savings to the customer they can buy enough to make more than they could ever use for a fraction of what they pay for xylazine now and a manufacturer of this 2,6-dimethylphenyl isothiocyanate can expect high profit margins for a moderate investment, a win win for both. This is truly an opportunity in the making folx and did I mention this is 100% above board and completely legal.

    Preparation of Xylazine
    The preparation of xylazine from 2,6-dimethylphenylisothiocyanate is well documented as can be seen from the synthesis described in U.S. Pat. No. 3,235,550 to O. Behner et al; German Pat. No. 1,173,475 (July 9, 1964); and Belgium Pat. No. 634,552 (Jan. 6, 1964), all incorporated herein by reference. This synthesis comprises simply reacting the 2,6-dimethylphenylisothiocyanate with 3-amino-1-propanol in a polar solvent such as ether and the mixture refluxed for approximately 0.5 hr to form the thiourea: ##STR2##
    The solvent is then removed and concentrated hydrochloric acid added with continued refluxing for another 0.5 hour. The reaction mixture is cooled, treated with water, enhancemented and the filtrate made basic to form a precipitate which is recrystallized to give the xylazine.
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    sir this is organic bench chemistry there is no food or drinks allowed in the lab

    the last thing you would want to do is confuse your mug of coffee for a beaker of concentrated nitric acid or hydrogen sulfide and drink that instead and wind up injuring yourself and potentially dying all because you weren't following basic safety protocols

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    Ghost Black Hole
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