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Before the drugs

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    Kafka African Astronaut
    I was scared that it wouldn’t make sense, but most of it does. When you said that everything was allegory, I thought you meant that you can interpret things in different ways, but I don’t know how it makes people spiritless, and what came to my mind was those sprites from Spirited Away because some of them looked like humans but weren’t. I’m not sure what a spiritless person is. You almost lost me here: “(life-force energy that keeps the body from decaying),” because the body does decay and you said you kept that energy, but now I think you meant something like those platelets in your blood that make cuts heal faster and just generally life itself. I wasn’t sure about the autopilot running the body simile because autopilot mode isn’t prone to human error, things like the human not taking care of themselves. I do agree with there being an artificial intelligence.  
    Your second paragraph is understandable however I don’t believe that the ego is only or the only thing related to survival. It makes me wonder now if it’s inherited. I know it can be killed, and that the body can survive without it. I don’t know why you think that the artificial intelligence must be the ego, because I can think of things without myself or survival in mind. I believe that everyone is born a narcissist and that it can be stamped out of them. I don’t think it is solely the ego that interacts with other people. What I wonder is why you believe in the aura and this set up? How do you know the number of components of the aura? I’ve never been aware of this struggle between a material and spiritual self. Since I have a material body, I believe that I deserve material things. I don’t see why a spiritual self would be against material things. Actually, if there are spirits then they need our material selves to build their material churches and write their material bibles. So I wouldn’t say that a spiritual realm is more valuable than a material one, they’re equal. That’s what I thought when you said about there being a lower self. To me, a lower self is a person that doesn’t engage in introspection. Now I wonder if people want to believe they have a soul, because if they accepted that they were just computers, they may think their existence is meaningless and fear that there’s no afterlife. They may not see themselves as valuable either. I don’t see much talk about little insects having souls, and humans did begin as small lifeforms. I’m curious though, have you ever felt a struggle between your material and spiritual self? I know that wanting things is a product of the ego, and being denied things, even food, can’t actually do your ‘spirit’ any harm. I’m confused because wouldn’t a spirit be trapped in apathy, and the stone age, if the ego didn’t want anything? So how can they be all bad for each other? I believe everyone in the driver’s seat of a car sees it as an extension of their body, not just a lost in focus driver.  
    I’m not sure what differences you see in the soul and spirit. If there is a soul, then I disagree that it is influenced by the body, and I wonder why you think that is so. I don’t see how it is an astral body that responds to a drug, and not the chemicals in the body that respond to the chemical drug. I don’t see why the body’s chemical make-up has to be separated into different fractions. Is it possible for the whole being to be astral? I disagree that a material drug can give a spirit real joy.
    I don’t believe it can really be that simple and I still haven’t seen evidence of a soul. Anyway, in your conclusion you gave a hypothesis/prediction so I’d like to see how to test it. It was all understandable and an interesting concept. I’ve never knowingly acknowledged a person that is only concerned with material things and social survival so I wonder who they are. Religion is so popular and even though I’m not religious, I know that I’m not always ruled by my ego.
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    Sudo Dark Matter [my hereto riemannian peach]
    More like queerited away

    Thank you for this, I like my walls without context
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    yeah pretty sure this was written after the drugs
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    Donald Trump Naturally Camouflaged
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