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Wite boi finishes 7th in Boston Marathon

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    Donald Trump Black Hole

    1. Evans Chebet (KEN) — 2:06:51
    2. Lawrence Cherono (KEN) — 2:07:21
    3. Benson Kipruto (KEN) — 2:07:27
    4; Gabriel Geay (TAN) — 2:07:53
    5. Eric Kaptanui (KEN) — 2:08:47
    6. Albert Korir (KEN) — 2:08:50
    7. Scott Fauble (USA) — 2:08:52
    8. Jemal Yimer (ETH) — 2:08:58
    9. Elkanah Kibet (USA) — 2:09:07
    10. Kinde Atanaw (ETH) — 2:09:16
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    lol, #9 isnt even decendant of slaves.
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    Not surprising, white people invented bikes, cars, planes trains...obviously running is not really something white folks find necessary these days, unlike the other apes who still use running and walking as their primary transportation method (now that slave ships are banned).
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    Rape Monster Naturally Camouflaged
    running from the police is good exercise
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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    yall are recist also that white-devil crackerjack jogger looks like warrior-rat chasing a picture of a dogs anus thats yelling at him LICK ME
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    Ghost Black Hole
    sorry but I DONT SEE COLOR *raises nose smugly*
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    troon African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Ghost sorry but I DONT SEE COLOR *raises nose smugly*

    do you see fuzzy hair and wide noses?
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    troon African Astronaut
    white boi looks chunkier than the rest, I call steroids
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