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Becoming a DAOist

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    I believe there is a current global class struggle revolt against every system existing imaginable by every aspect of society in both the eastern and western worlds and that we have already begun on an unstoppable course. This is fueled by technology becoming more powerful than any government or controlling entity that exists and is actively replacing reliance on these entities with technology

    Karl Marx, in a section of his Grundrisse that came to be known as the "Fragment on Machines", argued that the transition to a post-capitalist society combined with advances in automation would allow for significant reductions in labor needed to produce necessary goods, eventually reaching a point where all people would have significant amounts of leisure time to pursue science, the arts, and creative activities; a state some commentators later labeled as "post-scarcity"

    Inflation in the west and political economic uncertainty in the east (lying flat) is leading to more and more people that do not benefit from existing systems and instead are seeking to build their own. Some call this radicalization of society which could be said to be increasing but I think of it more as autonomy.

    All of these social, political and economic factors combined create the perfect conditions for a shift into global tribal DAOism where the sovereignty of nation states and economic ideology erodes. All sectors of the global economy will be changed by decentralized governance, it's unstoppable folx and Moore is yet to come.

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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Is DAOism the classless society envisioned by Marxists?

    "However, as matters now stand, some officials misunderstand the Juche philosophy and believe that it has nothing to do with the general principles of dialectical materialism because it is a man-centered philosophy. The Juche philosophy considers man in relation to the other material beings which are not as highly developed, instead of separating him from the material world and regarding him in isolation. This it clarifies the essential features of man and his position and role. Clearly, it conforms to the basic principles of materialism and dialectics that man, the most developed material being, holds the position of master over the less developed material beings and that the movement of man, the movement of the most developed material being, plays a greater role than the movement of the lower-grade material beings in the advancement of the world. The Juche philosophy has not discarded the principals of materialism and dialectics. On the contrary, it can be argued that it has perfected dialectical materialism by scientifically elucidating the prominent position and role of man in the material world, based on the principles of materialism and dialectics."

    - Kim Jong Il
    "On Some Problems Of Education In The Juche Idea"
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    RIPtotse African Astronaut [my adversative decurved garbo]
    What the fuck am I reading?
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    Ever thought about living forever? A Czech VR company is working on just that.

    Somnium Space’s ‘Live Forever’ mode would allow people to stay alive forever in the metaverse.

    It works by downloading enough personal data to create a lifelike digital avatar that retains your personality even after your death.

    The idea came to Somnium Space’s CEO, Artur Sychov, after losing his father to cancer. He began exploring ways to preserve human personality after death.

    One day it will be more profitable for companies to make real life "free to play" and sell things in the metaverse instead. People will no longer care about physical possessions or owning land but instead care about their social media of the future in the metaverse. There will be survivalist and realism DAOs that prefer real life and these DAOs will support the metaverse DAOs through a decentralized economy.
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    Meikai African Astronaut
    reject "DAOism"

    be like spiderman

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    This will also affect religions. For example there is "Islamic Banking" and "Sharia Law" which are seen as separate entities beyond democratic capitalism and the middle east issue is that fundamentalist groups want to replace their entire banking and legal system with these structures which isolates them from the global world economy.

    But in a tribal DAOist system these can exist fully without issue and interact with other DAO's in a decentralized economy. That way instead of ideologies like communism and islam existing outside of capitalism they will be integrated with smart contracts along with it

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    yeah the main tenet of sharia banking is that interest and usury are haraam so they have to be more careful about who they lend to and how much
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    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace Not in a religious context. Organized religion has to be centralized. Otherwise there is no one creed to be followed. Taoists believe in many different things as there is no central authority ORGANIZING them to believe any different. They have no shared text of belief and read many different books and believe in many different gods.

    Certain Taoists sects may be an organized religion, but 'Taoism' is not.

    Christians on the other hand all follow the bible. All Muslims follow the Koran. All jedis follow the Torah.

    Hinduism is not an organized religion either and its one of the largest in the world.

    Taoism sounds similar to DAOism. Interesting how that works out
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    Do you agree with this sentiment folx?

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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Taoism sounds similar to DAOism. Interesting how that works out


    that spic doesnt have an organized religion.
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