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Do you guys remember when the Uygher Muslim minority in China was being systematically repressed?

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Still happening, they have entire miles and miles of re education centers still going on.

    THey're committing genocide of the muslims and i think it's important during ramadan we think about those who are suffering for being a sand nigger minority under Communist Chinese abuse.

    rape factories!
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    Sudo Black Hole [my hereto riemannian peach]
    It's pretty insane the way they are doing it is almost exactly like 1984: cameras at the front and back of houses, rationing food to them, "re-education camps", telling neighbors to rat on each other etc. They're providing the blueprint for what it will be like here eventually
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    Bradley Black Hole
    it's cool they're not killin gthem they're just teaching their children to not have religion and to be loyal to the state like everyone else

    it's the bad parents who don't want their kids to be good CCP members and want to stand out and that's kinda wrong of them they need to integrate to their surrounding culture just like white people are supposed to, etc, and everyone needs to not be race focused but focused on being a better person, they don't have to eat pork, but their kids will not pray 5 times a day lol get real it's 2022
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    Bradley Black Hole
    like ur mom probably wouldn't want u to be a muslim but she gave u the choice to explore religions and in china they take the right away from you, it's the same shit to their culture in Asia and i think a lot of them are religious secretly and know their is a reincarnative cycle and life after death

    1.1 billion people don't just think they're soulless ants in an ant colony ruled by Xinping under the glory of the Party. do they?
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