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Maybe we could have an "Export Messages" button.

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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Sup Lon, i know you dropped all my PMs securely and in a timely manner a while ago. But i think it would be handy to have a button that does the same but without any input other than that of the user in question. We currently only have a delete button but why would i use that? The data will be gone forever and it costs me exactly nothing to have NiS and by extension you store it on your infrastructure indefinitely.

    I'm thinking of writing a bot that archives user accounts with all related and relevant data being saved along with it. If you'd like i could build what amounts to an API.

    Anyway since i'm talking about NiS i'm going to tell you how i would organize ISS OSS Development. Github has a feature that allows you to create an Organization. It was originally meant for use by enterprises but it is also often used to have a dedicated workspace for a specific project, generally big projects. Organizations open up automation features concerning CI, dependency management, you can run a Slack server through your organization and automate even harder with Slack bots if that's your thing. It will also grant access to a feature that will let you verify that your Organization is the genuine one running the project. You don't even have to give up any PII. It's been a minute since i verified an Org, but if your project has a website it's a simple matter of adjusting some values in your DNS configuration. After which your Org is verified forever.

    I use Orgs for a bunch of things, half of them are specific goal oriented OSS or partial OSS projects. It's a great way of managing everything.

    Although the number of people interested in ISS development might not warrant it. If i do make some sort of API we could have a tab with 'Develop With ISS/NiS' maybe that would help.

    Thanks fam.
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    its calleed print screen and catbox

    also submit a pull
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood its calleed print screen and catbox

    also submit a pull

    That would take forever. Say i wanted to archive your account, i'd be busy for weeks. Also you may not have noticed but i was offering to expand my personal program into something like an API so that stuff like this is easier to do for everything and everyone.

    Secondly i know 'submit a pull' is a meme. But who here besides me has actually submitted any pulls? I can also lob a patch at Lonny, or just do a source code dump. We do have code tags...
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