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All my friends are communists

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    Is DAOism the classless society envisioned by Marxists?

    "However, as matters now stand, some officials misunderstand the Juche philosophy and believe that it has nothing to do with the general principles of dialectical materialism because it is a man-centered philosophy. The Juche philosophy considers man in relation to the other material beings which are not as highly developed, instead of separating him from the material world and regarding him in isolation. This it clarifies the essential features of man and his position and role. Clearly, it conforms to the basic principles of materialism and dialectics that man, the most developed material being, holds the position of master over the less developed material beings and that the movement of man, the movement of the most developed material being, plays a greater role than the movement of the lower-grade material beings in the advancement of the world. The Juche philosophy has not discarded the principals of materialism and dialectics. On the contrary, it can be argued that it has perfected dialectical materialism by scientifically elucidating the prominent position and role of man in the material world, based on the principles of materialism and dialectics."

    - Kim Jong Il
    "On Some Problems Of Education In The Juche Idea"
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    Devoid Yung Blood
    Marxists suck
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    Originally posted by Devoid Marxists suck

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    Communists don't exist. They are like when a bunch of women call themselves witches, that doesn't mean magic exists.
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    Devoid Yung Blood
    Originally posted by Devoid Marxists suck

    In all seriousness, Marx's work, like Das Kapital, are incredible additions to society. I personally always preferred Polanyi's view on society/economy as it seems to be perfectly reflected in today's world. Marxism always had the problem of a rigid definition of class, or at least a lot of the literature afterwards did. I'd prefer to use Weber or someone if I was doing a modern class analysis to allow for a broader range of class positions than bourgeoisie/proletariat.

    That said, Marxists are a fuckload better than idiots like the Extinction Revolution. Marxists at least have a clearly defined goal and theory backing their ideas, not just a mindless protest without a core message behind it. I really don't know enough about the main premise in the OP to comment on that form of organisation. Might look into it and come back.
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    Lodger Free African Astronaut
    WUO are communist scum.

    Makes sense some members on here are into it.

    Kill yourselves
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    Devoid Yung Blood
    ^ faggot
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