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Mexicans pull up on u in the lot, early morning

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    He gets out of his onda jivic and pops the trunk revealing a igloo cooler full of tamales rojo that's pork for you yanks . The price is right his Mujer makes them and there damn good too. You literally eat a heap of them and don't get the squirts or anything
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    I had a dream I sold tamales????? what the fuck
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    wait no it was elotes I had a robot helper too that fucking squirted the mayo on them bitches and it even got some on me
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    DrugSmuggler Tuskegee Airman [soullessly saw your drumbeater]
    That wasn’t mayo
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    it was cinco de mayo
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    I never saw the big deal with Tamales...multiple people told me when I got here (Texas) "ooh you have to try tamales" I did, multiple times...very bland and boring.
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