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The only thing that has went down in price is the cost of my cigarettes.

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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Been paying $5.59 a pack for Camel Blue Shorts for the last few weeks by purchasing them in packs of 2 on hump day Wednesday and getting the Camel discount.
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    I pay $13 for shitty smokes that I hate
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    Sudo Dark Matter [my hereto riemannian peach]
    Cigarettes just went up here and weed went down
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    DrugSmuggler Tuskegee Airman [soullessly saw your drumbeater]
    Every time the price of cigarettes goes up I say fuck this I’m going to quit smoking.

    However I always seem to manage to find cheaper strange named brands that are cheaper, so I switch to them. Frankly they taste the same and I grow to enjoy them as much as the name brands that cost over $11/pack and rising.

    When the cheap ass brands go up to $10…then I’ll quit 😑
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    Donald Trump Naturally Camouflaged
    Just vape
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    DrugSmuggler Tuskegee Airman [soullessly saw your drumbeater]
    Originally posted by Donald Trump Just vape

    Show me a decent one that actually tastes like a real cigarette 🚬
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    RIPtotse African Astronaut [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Bro u still smoke? It's 2022 start vaping at least. I quit smoking like 3 months ago.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    switch to crack
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    I smoke, vape and chew nicotine gum daily
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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood I smoke, vape and chew nicotine gum daily

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